Check out my new homesteading blog

As you can probably guess by my prolonged absence, the small one blog is retiring. Don’t worry, the boy is doing just fine.  In fact, I’ve started a new blog to chronicle the whole family and our newest venture – attempting to homestead in Albemarle Country.  Check out home growed at  And yes, the misspelling is intentional.

Thanks for following my descent into parenthood here.  And happy breastfeeding/cloth diapering/being ever so glad you don’t have kids after reading about it…


2 Responses to “Check out my new homesteading blog”

  1. Christy Says:

    I just found your blog while researching for info on non-FMLA-covered maternity leave. I think I spent over an hour reading older entries, and I’m amazed at how much I can relate to you. (Which is a comfort, so thanks!) I’m 27, have a 19 month old boy, am currently trying to find a FT job while my husband takes over the stay-at-home daytime parenting. I’m already worried about the guilt of working FT even though I know that plenty of parental bonding will be going on at home while I’m at an office. Oh, and can I say I felt better when I found out someone else has the same “extra poundage” issue after weaning? I looked better 3 months after giving birth than I do 16 months later. 😦 Seriously, post after post I kept thinking—”that’s me! that’s so my life right now!”

    Also, I think you’re a very good writer—straightforward and easy to read, interesting and the best kind of witty (subtle without a trace of pretension). Good luck with the homesteading!

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