Extra Poundage

At 3 months postpartum, I was something like 5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.  By 6 months, I was at my pre-pregnancy weight, albeit way out of whack on the fat to muscle ratio (put it this way, I was willing to be seen in a one piece bathing suits but no bikinis saw the light of day last summer).  All of which was 100% attributable to breastfeeding.  And how do I know this?  Because once I stopped breastfeeding in October, I put on another 5 pounds.  Now, I actually weigh more than I did a mere three months after giving birth, which is clearly a failure on my part.  Sure, it didn’t help to wean before peak eating season (Thanksgiving through New Years), but that’s no excuse.  I now have a gut.  One I can grab with two hands and there’s blubber to spare.


In my pre-baby life, well, this would have never happened in my pre-baby life but if it did, I’d just Bikram yoga my way back to a size 2 in a month and a half (if not sooner).  Now?  Well, now that I’m a little more frugal, both in terms of money and time (who has 90 minutes to spare with a 16 month old?), I’m force to go with less effective means.  The husband and I joined a gym.  Not the sort of gym I used to belong to, with top of the line equipment, tons of classes, a swimming pool, a sauna and tvs on every cardio machine.  Nope.  One of those cheapie “we’re open 24 hours because we don’t actually pay any staff” gyms, where you have only your only motivation and the sensation that it’s better than a DVD workout going for you.

And while I absolutely admit that this is largely an issue of vanity, I spend every morning searching for the three pairs of pants I can actually button.  At some point my co-workers are going to assume I had a closet fire, and it feels like a sin to waste all the fabulous pants/dresses/skirts I bought pre-conception.

This is my punishment for assuming the overweight simply lack willpower.  Turns out they are probably just employed and trying to juggle the work/life unbalance in a way that leaves no time for running no where on an elliptical machine for 45 minutes.


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