That’s how many pictures I’ve taken of the small one so far.  Eight hundred eighty-one.  Let that number sink in for a moment.

Okay, I’m lying.  That’s how many pictures were good enough to include in my weekly Picasa uploads so my father could get his grandbaby fix.  Meaning even more photos of the small one actually exist on my hard drive.  And we’re not counting the two professional photo sessions we’ve had which have each yielded 200 plus prints.

Now what makes me officially crazy is that I just had all 881 printed so I get to spend my evening stuffing 4 x 6’s into photo sleeves in preparation for the deluge of family arriving for the small one’s baptism this Sunday.  I figure I can somewhat quell the boos I’ll receive when I steal the babe from the “it’s my turn to hold him” queue come naptime if I can then hand them an impossibly large book of photos so they can coo over how small he was and how much he’s already grown.


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