I’ve seen my CEO maybe three times since I’ve been back from maternity leave.  The first time, I was exiting the room where I pump, breast milk in hand, and he walked by with pretty much the entire executive committee.  He said “welcome back,” and I smiled sheepishly and scurried off to my cube to hide.

The second time I was headed to lunch.  Not bad at all.  Nice conversation.  Breast milk incident officially replaced with normal colleague interaction.

Today, I was in the kitchenette cleaning off my breast shields and pump what-not and guess who walks in?  Yup.  And we then proceed to have a five minute conversation about some meeting later in the week, all while I rinse off various bottles and membranes.

Seriously?  This is ridicules.

I guess it’s better than being a guy on the same floor as him and running into him on my way to the bathroom on a daily basis.  I think.


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