As in relief, not as in dirty diaper.

I just returned from a visit with the breast surgeon and she gave me what amounts to a 95% all clear… the one looks like a cyst and she’s not concerned at all.  The other does look like a fibroadenoma with calcification.  She says the edges look fine, there is no blood supply, and it generally feels like a fibroadenoma.  Because of the calcification, there is shadowing on the ultrasound, which is something cancerous tumors have (the sound waves can’t penetrate the mass so it appears to have a shadow on the screen), which is probably what prompted the radiologist’s concern.  The surgeon said she wasn’t concerned about the lump, and that she didn’t want to do a biopsy (something about fistulas and spurting milk, all of which sounded highly unpleasant, plus I’ll take any excuse to avoid a needle), so instead I’m just supposed to come back when I’m done breastfeeding. 

Yippee!  I don’t have to worry about this.  I don’t have to stop breastfeeding.  I don’t have to turn this into a cancer blog (ok, now I’m being dramatic).


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