Date Night Revisited

My husband called me today and said “Guess what?  My dad wants to babysit tonight.”  To which I responded “But we’re both sick, and I kinda told the neighbor we’d watch the season finale of Fringe tonight.”  To which my husband responded something which amounted to “Woman, when you are offered free babysitting, you go out!  I don’t care if neither of us can breathe through our noses and I’ve already gone to the midnight opening of every movie worth seeing right now, we are going OUT.”

So it looks like date night tonight.

Might I add that the last date night we took involved my insisting we stay and wait for a table at a hip bar and my husband grumbling about the wait and my responding “I’ll leave if you can come up with a better option” and his still grumbling despite a complete lack of anywhere else to go, which is to say that it went poorly.  But at least my cocktail was tasty, despite having been consumed through moderately clenched teeth.


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