First Tooth

A sharp, opaque-ish white little ridge has made an appearance on the small one’s lower gum line a mere day before his 6 month birthday, and I can’t say that he’s a real big fan of this new development. 

Granted, based on everything I’d heard (read: feared), he’s handling teething like a champ – no inconsolable wailing, no nursing strike, no fever.  But he’s still uncomfortable… he always has to have a toy or something in his mouth to gnaw on, and the chilled teething rings don’t seem to do anything above and beyond his wooden toys or stuffed animals.  It’s more of a struggle to get him to finish a feeding.  And sometimes it takes him almost a half hour to get himself down for a nap.  But he still naps.  And sleeps 12 hours.  Which is to say that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. 

And now I’m just waiting for the inevitable time when I’ll be bitten.

And by waiting I mean dreading.


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