Gearing up for Solids

… not that a little rice cereal blended with breast milk should really be considered a solid food. But the pre-feeding shopping has begun.

  • food processor for pureeing (already owned, so check)
  • bpa-free small freezer containers (on order from Amazon)
  • “soft” baby spoons (mom-in-law gave us these, check)
  • bibs (on order, and lots of ’em)
  • travel high chair (on order)
  • high chair (using one from mom-in-law, so hubby’s picking it up next week)
  • actual food – oh crap!  Time to buy that rice cereal…

Have you noticed a trend?  When a change occurs, I have a compulsive need to buy everything I could possibly need, based on everything I’ve read, and not at all grounded in any personal experience.  God forbid I actually just tried something and only ran out to get “gear” after I knew I really needed it – what would be the fun in that?


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