6 month appointment

The Stats:
18 lbs 15 ozs
27.5 inches long
17.5 inch head (i think – i don’t exactly remember)

So the small one continues to be not so small.

And yes, I have been on quite the hiatus lately. It was completely unintentional, as my life has become what anyone could have predicted – get up, feed the babe, go to work, look up to find out that ohmygod it’s already 5 howdidthathappen, run home, hang out with the babe for my meager hour and a half, feed him and put him to bed, and then it’s time for everything else (read: laundry).  As routine as it sounds (and is), it is impressively seamless, and I’m not about to rock the boat.  My expected regret is that I don’t have more time with the small one, but otherwise all is well.  Life is busy.  Life is full.  We’re a happy little family. 

Unfortunately said routine (and a crazy work schedule) leaves little time for blogging.  As I also should have expected.  But I will try harder, as I’ve already failed to capture such tales as rolling over (finally) and adventures in driving 6 hours with a 5 month old.

Hope you are doing well!


One Response to “6 month appointment”

  1. TMae Says:

    Yay! You’re back. Especially glad that all sounds well.

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