Happy Boy

The small one is an absolute joy these days (not that he was ever a drag).  Especially in the morning.  We hearhim starting to wiggle about right around 7, and when I head into his room and place my hand on his chest (he’s usually sucking his thumb with his eyes closed but distinictly not asleep), he turns to me and smiles. 

By the time he’s done feeding on side number one, he gives a contented sigh and starts chirping and cooing at me (instead of wailing as a means of saying all done).  We head to the changing table and he’s all giggles and smiles and excited arms flailing.  He snuggles his face into my neck when I pick him up, he nestles into my lap when we return to the chair, and if he isn’t hungry for side number two, he just looks up at me, sticks out his tonhue a bit and smiles or giggles. 

After that he plays contentedly in his crib, hugging his stuffed toys, batting at his activity gym, grabbing at the ring that hangs from his crib mirror, while I get ready for work.  Sometimes while I’m in the shower, my husband will bring the small one into the bathroom and hold him up so he can look into the shower and he always beams when he recognizes me.  The feeling of having this adorable child thrilled just to see me is the best. feeling. ever. 

This child is so wonderfully and completely happy in the morning.  It blows my mind every day.  And by the time I head off to work, he’s taking his first nap of the day, and I leave the house smiling.  We have an amazing little boy.  We are so fortunate. 

Sorry for the totally lame and gushy post, but wow is being a mom awesome.


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