So about that VBAC

The Strollerderby blog on Babble has a great post, The Trouble With Wanting a VBAC.  Unfortunately it says exactly what I was afraid of… it’s going to be one heck of a struggle to even attempt a vaginal birth for the not even thinking about it for two more years minimum next child, given the way the small one made his appearance. 

More troubling than the prospect of another cesarean (honestly, the first wasn’t all that bad) is the effect it can have on my ability to attempt baby number three if we choose to be so masochistic.  I’ll have to ask my OB about this at my six month appointment in April.


One Response to “So about that VBAC”

  1. zoe krylova Says:

    There are OB’s and midwives in Charlottesville that will support VBAC. there are also some empowering books out there, two of them being: The VBAC Companion by Diana Korte and Natural Childbirth after Cesarean by Karis Crawford and Johanne Walters. I am planning a VBAC with my current pregnancy. While I know I will have some hospital protocols to contend with, I will have two skilled doulas at my side to help remind me of my goal. I think the biggest obstacle in my situation is not my OB or the hospital, but my own self confidence. Most studies show VBACs to be safer than repeat C-sections. With the uterine rupture rate being less than 1%, in my opinion there is no reason not to at least try for a VBAC.

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