Sizing Up

As I’ve mentioned before, the small one is really anything but. He was 14 pounds by his two month check up and we’ll find out Monday just how big he is now (my guess is 16-18 lbs but 20 would not surprise me).

As such, we are quickly running out of clothing. By the end of month one, the 0-3m onsies didn’t fit when wearing cloth diapers. By the end of month two, the 3-6m onsies didn’t fit either. So for month three, we gave up on onsies (mostly because we were dirt broke from my still being on leave) and started wearing all the long sleeve shirts the small one received for Christmas. Granted, they still fit, but in that belly shirt sort of way we are only able to cheat because of how high his wool diaper covers sit. 

I only recently realized how dramatic our clothing issue was when I purchased an 18-24m romper from a local baby boutique that was having a sale, with the thought that eventually he could wear it. Besides having to roll the sleeves, it fits him perfectly now. Did I mention he’s not even four months yet?  I chalked it up to the outfit being boutique-y and that it must run small.

When I attempted to buy the small one more clothing, I thought I was being conservative when I ordered only 6-12m onsies from American Apparel.  It turns out that romper was not an anomaly.  The AA onsies were tight on him the minute they arrived, so I’m returning them today.  How is it possible that a 16 week old can’t fit into 6-12m clothes?  Is someone slipping my child growth hormones?

And so today I went hog wild on Kate Quinn, ordering 18-24m clothing only with the hope that I may actually get a whole two months out of these before I need to replenish the drawers again.  At this rate, the kid is going to be taller than me by age four.


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