Me so hungry

Sure my appetite got wonky when I was pregnant, but I never felt hunger with the intensity I do now that I am breastfeeding. I’m probably butchering the facts, but I remember reading somewhere that it only takes an extra 100 calories a day to sustain a fetus, but it takes 500 extra calories to breast feed.

That might explain why I ate four chocolate covered donuts the other day. And one cake donut. And a bagel with veggie cream cheese. And those were all just snacks – I still ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with reckless abandon.

When I was home, it was harder to snack or even eat a full meal because it is just hard to eat while holding a baby (exception: two bite brownies from Whole Foods – I ate those like chocolate had just been made a controlled substance). But now that I’m at work, sitting in front of a computer all day, I am constantly feeding. I killed a container of toffee butter peanuts in two days, plow through granola bars and yogurt like they’re tic tacs, and still go for seconds at dinner.

The worst part is that all I want to eat is crap (or carbs).  I need chocolate.  I love peanut butter (side note: the upside of eating only organic food and food products is that I don’t have to worry about the current outbreak of salmonella).  I might push down an old lady for a cupcake.  The upside is that, unlike pregnancy hunger cravings, I can still eat anything.  So while I may want an entire sheet cake, if apples are the only edible item in sight they will do in a pinch.  Which is why I’ve attempted to load up my desk with healthy snacks to ward off any trips to the nearby bakery.

Forget having to loss the pregnancy weight, I’m going to need to loss whatever I pack on once the breastfeeding begins to taper off but my atrocious eating habits remain.  Nothing like looking better one month postpartum than four.  Ugh.


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