Yippee for Pregnant Peoples

Now that I’m back at work and in the world again, I see pregnant ladies everywhere and I have nothing but love for them. I keep forgetting that I no longer have my telltale new mom belly so instead of realizing that I’m smiling at them as a welcome to the new parent club, I’m just another one of the many people gawking at their bloated abdomens.

I also have two co workers who are about to burst (well, one’s wife is), and I am so excited about the prospect of more babies in the world. I almost have that same sensation of mild jealousy I used to feel about someone else who went into labor back when I was still pregnant, but different. Instead of wanting to just get it over with, I want a do-over. Not that I’m unhappy with my experience at all (despite the mayhem) or that I could possibly want to experience another contraction, but oh my god to hold my baby for the first time again and be able to be more cognisant of just how big a deal it is… of being able to smell the small one’s newborn smell again and keep smelling it with the knowledge of just how quickly it will fade. That’s what makes me so excited for these nearly new parents.

Of course, at the same time I am so grateful I’ve left behind such “joys” of newborndom as round the clock feedings, my milk coming in, and the general roller coaster feeling that is coming home from the hospital. But oh to hold my baby boy as a newborn again – if I could time travel I’d go right to the nursery a just rock him.

I am a cheeseball. I know.


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