Milk is gross

Next to my love of carbs, dairy takes a close second.  And while I’ve been breastfeeding for nearly three months now, today is the first day I was grossed out while drinking a glass of milk (cow not mine, geeze!).

Maybe it’s because my hoodie is so covered in cheese-like spit up right now and the smell of sour milk is so permeating my brain today that I couldn’t help but think of my own sore nipples and freezer full of pump and save bags when I stuck my face in my glass in order to wash down the peanut butter toast I’m calling lunch today.  But yeah, it made me completely nauseous.  Am I swearing off dairy?  Oh hell no.  But I’m not about to head down to the fridge for a refill either.


Soy milk is suddenly sounding strangely appealing.


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