mommy’s first hangover

It’s official. I have gotten drunk post baby, and it was as fun (and later, as painful) as I remember it.

The husband decided that I was very much in need of a night out, despite my insistence that I didn’t have cabin fever at all. As usual, he was so right on the money. He had two of the college girls who work for him come and babysit in exchange for two bottles of wine and a dinner of short ribs and mashed potatoes awaiting their arrival.

By the time Z arrived, the small one was down and I just finished pumping out the remaining contents of my breasts for her emergency bottle. Plus the 8 oz of milk in the fridge she could heat up. Not to mention the freezer full of back up. Of course, I didn’t expect her to need any of it (and she didn’t), but this was the first time we left the little guy with a sitter, so I had to be over prepared.

And off we went. To a nice restaurant in a resort-style hotel in town. For a five course meal. And a bottle of champagne. And a bottle of burgundy. And oh sure Mr. Sommelier who took a liking to us, I’ll take a complimentary glass of dessert wine with my fois gras. And port older than me with dessert. Why not, we are celebrating our first outing!

The food was lovely, the wine was fantastic and as the only customers in the place on a frigid weeknight in January when everyone who is not counting calories is counting pennies, we had a wonderful time.

We got home to find that the small one hadn’t made a single peep, and Z teased us that next time she could actually babysit when the child was awake.  We thanked her profusely, and both downed a few glasses of water before heading up to bed.

When the small one awoke for his nightly nosh at 3:30 AM, I was acutely aware of my body feeling achy and flu like, and my head being cloudy.  Ah, the hang over.  Part of me freaked out that I was nursing my child after having so imbibed, but it had been 6 hours since I’d had a drink, and while my brain was still suffering, I suspect my BAC was fine.  Or at least that’s how I’m going to rationalize this moment of bad parenting.  The next morning I made sure to join the small one for all his naps, as mommy needed them more than he did, and because it’s fun to cuddle up with a ten week old and let the sound of his breathing lull you to sleep.

What’s not fun is the way a cry echoes through a wine-addled brain, but that was to be expected.  Needless to say, this isn’t an experience I plan to repeat, but I do think it was good for me to, well, act like me again, if only for a night.  (Judge away that my definition of acting like me involves multiple bottles of wine.)


2 Responses to “mommy’s first hangover”

  1. Saraj Says:

    This was so fun to read 🙂 I’m going to have to drag my guy out for a night like that (should be easy, no kids) to make up for our NYE party in DC getting canceled because nobody could afford to go (except us?)

  2. Carmen Says:

    funniest – post – ever! Good for you! I plan on doing the same thing as soon as we are able. I’m not even a big drinker at all, but I sure miss the occasional drink. And there’s always “pump-and-dump”, since I’m sure you’re plenty stocked with milk in the freezer, so why not, eh?

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