Fear of Needles

I don’t want to get into the great vaccine debate here, so suffice it to say that we are vaccinating the small one, albeit slowly and one shot per visit on the advice of our doc (which I 100% admit is only to assuage my bourgeois fears and has no basis in real science as I haven’t actually read anything about it, knowing it would only stoke my paranoia). All that being said, I am still 100% afraid of needles.

And so is my husband… so much so (and yes, I have told this story a million times already) that he claimed religious exemption to get out of the vaccinations required to go to college. He refuses to attend any doctor’s appointment involving the dreaded things (although he did go and watch the small one get circumsized which is so so so much more graphic), and when I get home he asks if I’ve killed our child yet. Did I mention my husband has a flair for the dramatic?

The small one, on the other hand, is a champ. Sure, he cries once he’s been stuck, but not 15 seconds after I pick him up once it’s all over he is completely calm. And then, just because he already has a sense of irony, he wails bloody murder when I try to get him back in his car seat. Go figure.


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