You be the judge

Over the holidays, I purchased a toy for dear friends of ours who have a ten month old.  I thought I was so right on the money when I picked Moby, HABA’s newest clutching toy.  Meant for kids 6 months and up, the toy is a fish whose body is composed of different colored wooden discs which are held together by an elastic spine, so the fish can bend and move, just like a real fish, but his spine always magically realigns.  Also, he has a rattle in his head and when you do move him around, the wooden discs make a great clacking noise.  Bonus – the toy is made in Germany (not China).

When I showed my husband, the first thing he said was “wow, that thing looks like a penis.”

You be the judge.

mobyBy the way, the child loved it.


One Response to “You be the judge”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wishful Thinking

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