My Favorite Baby Stuff

So it’s been 10 weeks now, which is enough time to sum up what baby products I’ve totally loved. I’m noting what you can get from Babies R Us because, while I get hives every time I walk into that place, it really is the easiest way to register (and their website is user friendly).


Swaddling Blankets
The first three weeks, the small one was basically swaddled 24 hours a day. For warm weather, I love the muslin wraps from Aden + Anais and for cold weather I like Swaddle Designs. Bonus – Swaddle Designs makes organic cotton blankets, too (they just don’t have the fun prints of the conventional cotton ones). Both brands are available via the Babies R Us website but are rarely carried in their stores.

Baby Clothing
There are a ton of companies making organic baby clothing now, but most are either super expensive or covered in overly hip or earth-conscious prints. For a basic but 100% organic layette you can afford, check out Under the Nile. Every item of baby clothing I’ve purchased has come from them and I love it all – super functional, washes well, and still cute. (For Charlottesvillians, you can buy these at the Blue Ridge Eco Shop – for everyone else, just google them and you’ll find their website and many shops that carry their clothing).

NOTE: with clothing and blankets, I’ve found that it is good to purchase things in different prints and colors if only because it makes it easier to remember what’s clean and what’s dirty – if you buy all white wraps, you need to be good about putting things in the hamper or you just end up washing everything with every load.

Hooded Towels
Aden + Anais win again. Babble even considers this the best hooded towel set available. I love that the wash clothes are covered with muslin, making them softer than terry cloth for washing, but textured enough to clean a dirty bottom. The downside is that they are made in China and are not organic cotton. Purchase from the Aden + Anais website.

HABA is just a great toy company, and the mobiles they make actually move enough to keep a baby interested for more than ten minutes. Purchase at

Baby Carriers
I like my NoJo sling, but I’m sure any ring sling would do just fine. The pocket sling didn’t really work for me, and the NoJo has the benefit of a padded edge which works like a little pillow (the small one very much appreciates this detail). My husband loves his Ergo, and I’ve been told they are better for babies than most front carriers as they don’t hold the kids by their crotch (which can cause hip issues). Just be sure to get the infant insert unless you don’t need it until the child has neck control.

I love love love both Maclarens I have – the Quest and the Travel Carseat Carrier. So light and easy to set up. Totally worth the mad cash (but a steal compared to most high end brands).

Nursing Pillow
I love my Boppy. Not only was it a great nursing pillow from when the small one was still, well, small, but now I use it to prop him up on the bed when we are playing together (or when I have to suction out his boogers). Bonus – there are organic cotton covers available from Babies R Us.

Nursing Bras
Actually, I pretty much hate every nursing bra I’ve tried – Japanese Weekend, Bravado, Medela. But I love the Bravado Nursing Tanks. I literally wear one 24/7, as they are more supportive to sleep in than most of the sleep bras I’ve tried, and they work like a camisole under a cardigan for daytime wear. I own 7, I use them that much.

* * *

Is there other stuff I own that I think is great – of course.  I like Mustela for bath products, my nursery is entirely outfitted by Pottery Barn Kids (and it’s adorable without being so babyish you feel ill)I use my Pump in Style medela breast pump daily  and I am totally happy with my Graco Pack N Play.  But the items above are things I would swear by and will probably purchase as gifts for baby showers going forward.


2 Responses to “My Favorite Baby Stuff”

  1. Carrie Says:

    The Bravado nursing tank is a favorite among moms and you are no exception is seems. Angelina Jolie was spotted in one too. 🙂

  2. JonhT. Says:

    I bought this as a secondary pack n play to keep in my car for the days we end up staying longer at Grandma’s than what we planned on. Also this saves me from having to tear down my $100 Graco pack n play that my daughter plays in.

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