Cloth Diapers

So far the cloth diaper thing is going well.  I’d give it a A-.

The funny thing about choosing to use cloth diapers is that it becomes sorta awkward to tell people about it… like how I feel about so much of the organic baby clothing out there that prints “organically grown” or “I’m a green baby” on the front, as if to say “my mommy spends more money on onsies than yours does,” mentioning that you use cloth diapers feels like i’m implying that anyone who uses/d disposable diapers doesn’t care about their kids or the planet.  So not true!  So not my intention.  So how I probably come off.

Anyway, let me explain my ratings.  Because we use a cloth diaper service, it has been remarkably easy.  Every Monday I leave a bag of dirty diapers on my front porch and by mid afternoon it has been replaced with a bag of clean ones – no pre-rinsing the cloth diapers or anything.  This means I never have to run out to the store to buy diapers, as they come straight to my door.  Also, the service I have turns out to be cheaper than the disposable diapers I like (Seventh Generation), so I’m actually saving money.  Also, there is never any question as to whether or not the small one needs a diaper change – you can always feel the wetness with cloth, which may lead to more diaper changes, but also results in less diaper rash (and I’m told is the reason cloth diaper babies potty train earlier).  Bonus – we are using natural wool covers, which prevent the wet cotton diaper from soaking into the small one’s clothes and bedding.  Unlike the nylon versions, these covers wick the moisture away from his skin like a good pair of wool socks, the result being that I’ve had fewer leaks overnight with the cloth diaper/wool cover combo than disposable diapers.

The downside?  It does take longer to put on a cloth diaper than a disposable, and we do always stick the small one in a disposable when we go on outings, as it is annoying to have to lug around pee-heavy soiled diapers instead of just pitching the disposable.  Also, cloth diapers and the wool covers we use make the small one’s butt a bit large, which is to say you need to size up when buying onsies as you need the extra length in the torso to be able to snap the bottoms.  Also, the wool covers I love so much (their called Aristocrats – I know, not helping my case but they are so worth buying that I thought I should share the brand name) do take forever to dry when you relanolize them once every two months to keep them from leaking – so it’s not just a simple as throwing them in the washer like other covers (but I still think they are worth the extra effort).

Now, I caveat this all with the fact that the small one is a 100% breast fed baby, which means his poop doesn’t really smell bad yet.  And he’s not crawling or anything.  I would not be surprised if I change my diaper tune once I have to deal with a bag of stinky poo diapers sitting around for a week upon the introduction of solid foods in about 4 months, or the great leak debacle that will surely come once the small once decides to start motoring.  But in the meanwhile, we are sticking with cloth.


2 Responses to “Cloth Diapers”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for blogging about this – I’m a mom and a diaper service owner so I can appreciate both the joys of cloth diapering and the joys of having someone else do the laundering. Your diaper service should be able to help you through any bumps along the way…

  2. Mama Marathon Says:

    Once they start on solids, you can just roll the poo off the diaper into the toilet. Before the poops are really solid, you can use biodegradable/flushable diaper liners to aid in the process. The diaper pail ends up being less stinky than with breastfed poop, since it all gets flushed away. Poo should be dumped and flushed off of disposable diapers, too. Unless you really like storing poop in your house! Eew.

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