Everything’s on sale…

… but I’m still up a size or two more than I’m willing to resign myself to.  Meaning no stocking up on cute clothes for me.  Okay, so I did break down and buy myself two pairs of pants at J. Crew this weekend, but that was mostly because I decided that, no matter how comfortable they are, I am not going back to work wearing maternity jeans at the end of the month.

Instead, I’ve been satisfying my shopping bug with crap for the small one.  Sure, I’m buying wooden toys made in Europe that are supposed to be developmentally advantageous (clutching toys, activity gym so he can bat at things and work on hand-eye coordination), but as it is neither a diaper nor a wipe and he will probably be interested in it for under 6 months, it still counts as crap.

That being said, if you, too, would like to go hog wild on some natural toys, check out oompa.com and moolka.com for some great, aesthetically pleasing but still fun stuff.


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