New Year’s Resolution

My resolution is simple this year – to have no major life changes.  To have moments like the small one’s first steps or first words be the biggest events of the year.  Why, you ask?  Let me review the last few years…

2005 – Get engaged, fiance buys his first restaurant, get promotion

2006 – Get married, job changes dramatically due to reorganization (but for the good)

2007 – Husband buys second restaurant, starts small wine business on the side, my new position has me traveling all the time

2008 – I quit my job for something less chaotic, we get pregnant, I change companies again, the small one arrives

So my wish for 2009 is to not buy a house, or get a new job (or have my husband start yet another LLC).  No, I just want to adjust to life with our little guy, adjust to being a working mom, let my husband adjust to being a stay at home dad, and maybe pay off a little debt.  That is all.


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