A Pacifying Defeat

While I didn’t go into parenthood with an opinion on the matter, my husband was firmly against using a pacifier.  So firmly against it he bitched and moaned when I bought one, just in case we had a melt down at 4 AM and I didn’t feel like driving to the 24 hour grocery store in a desperate search for something to sooth our child.

And while yesterday’s scenario was not so severe that it warrants an “i told you so,” we did break down and use the pacifier.  AND IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!

You see, the small one has a terrible rash on his face (not sure if it is excema or just disastrously bad baby acne), and when we put some baby face lotion on it to heal things up a bit (confession – we have a family photo scheduled for today so we may have been a bit over zealous with the cream in the name of vanity) the small one screamed bloody murder.  And then continued to fuss for an hour and a half.  He wouldn’t nurse.  He would only kind of calm down when walked, but even the slightest slowing of pace resulted in a fully alert and none too happy baby.  Even the magic chest that is my husband’s failed to bring him any comfort.  But what really did it was that said husband had a severe bout of stomach pain all last night, leaving him too incapacitated to help me quell the small one.

So I broke out the all natural rubber, hippie dippie pacifier I’d purchased at the local eco shop, which is to say I had to boil water (10 minutes) and then boil the pacifier to sanitize it for it’s first use for 5 minutes.  Meaning that by the time the water was bubbling, the little fellow was asleep in my arms and I put him down upstairs, amused at our close encounter with weakness in the form of oral fixation for our boy.  Of course, the moment I returned downstairs the wailing began again and I rushed to cool off the now clean binky and ran it upstairs.  He took to it right away, closed his eyes and sucked vigorously at that thing for an hour.

And the best part?  He then slept 5 straight hours… meaning I didn’t have to wake up to feed him until 3 AM.  Sure, it was probably all the fussing from earlier that resulted in this record breaking sleep-a-thon, but the pacifier is now here to stay.

I managed to get him back down the rest of the night without it, but it is firmly planted in his mouth right now.  Next I’ll be buying him toy guns and feeding him McDonalds, I know.


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