Hop on the scale

Two doctors appointments yesterday, one for me and one for the small one, and they both went well.  Especially in the weight department.

Let’s start with the small one.  After weighing in a 7 lbs at birth, he was up to 8 lbs. 5 oz. 11 days later.  Now that’s it’s been four weeks, the little fellow is up to 11 lbs – that averages out to gaining a pound a week.  I am going to have one behemoth of a child.  Not to mention that he’s already 22.5″ long.  Have I mentioned that I’m only 5’2″, and that by the end of year one, my mother tells me I only weighed 17 lbs?  Crazy!

(Otherwise everything went fine – nothing of substance to report)

In the afternoon, I was off to the OB to step on the scale for the first time since I was pregnant (149 lbs), and oh yeah, maybe check on how I’m healing from major abdominal surgery (can we see my warped priorities?).  And the verdict?  123!  That’s a mere 3 lbs above my starting point, and only 6 lbs above my “fighting weight” when I’m in happy yogi mode and all kinds of buff and bendy.  Between the baby, the excess fluids and four weeks of breastfeeding, I’ve lost 26 pounds.  And I still have these massive breastfeeding boobs!  Needless to say, this news made my day.  Now I can continue indulging in my nightly chocolate chip cookie and glass of milk milk treat.  Yippee!

Of course, the old saying about muscle weighing more than fat totally applies here, because I don’t look like I only have three pounds to go.  I’m definitely “softer” around the edges, and I still haven’t tried on any normal pants so while I know I have it pretty easy in terms of poundage, I have no sense of what size I am (mostly because maternity pants are super comfortable and basically like sweat pants in that you just pull them on).  The size issue, of course, is more important, as while I could get down to 115, if my hips have unalterably shifted outward, that’s a lot of work for my tailor in the coming months.

And by the way, I’m healing wonderfully.


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