Witching Hour(s)

Overall, the small one is a pretty easy baby.  With one major exception – the hours between 8 AM and 11 AM.

For some reason, the child simply cannot settle back down after that first normal people AM feeding (vs the 4 or 5 AM feeding when he usually goes back down like a dream – usually).  I don’t know if you would therefore describe the boy as a morning person (doesn’t want to go back to bed) or totally not a morning person (grumpy as all get up), but either way, his very much not a morning person mom, who has been up with him at 1 or 2 AM and sometime again between 3 and 5 AM would very much appreciate being able to go back to bed after the 7 – 9 AM feeding.  But no.

It would be one thing if he was just awake, but he’s fussy.  As in must be held fussy.  As in must be held and walked incessantly fussy.  As in maybe puts up with being in his sling for 15 minutes but only if I’m walking around the whole time fussy, and then just wants to nurse some more once I’ve released him from his cotton bondage fussy.  Granted, as long as I keep moving, he is 100% content, but 2 minutes after standing still (or one minute if I’m so bold as to try sitting down), he works himself back into a tizzy.

All this lasts until 11 or so when I nurse him yet again and he falls asleep in my lap while I troll the internet.  Yes, he’s suckling right now as I type (one handed no less).  And then I finally get to eat breakfast.


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