Body Image, a preface

The last time I stepped on a scale, it was at my 39 week OB appointment and I was holding steady at 149, meaning I had gained 29 pounds over the course of my pregnancy.  It’s now been three weeks since the small one decided to vacate the premise, and I am holding out until Monday’s 4 week follow-up OB appointment to see where I stand in the world of weight. Heck, I haven’t even attempted to pull on a pair of pre-pregnancy pants (or shoes, as I really may cry if they don’t fit).  I am completely in the dark as to how this pregnancy ravaged my body.

At this point, I’m more curious than anxious.  I think I look pretty good.  Sure, my thighs are a bit plusher and my stomach has a distinct paunch (one that makes my belly button look cavernous), but I don’t have that cellulite of the stomach wrinkly skin thing going on with my midsection, and despite my rear being a bit wider, it doesn’t look any worse for the wear.

I wanted to write this down because I bet I’ll be eating my words when I hear the actual number and have a better sense of what I’ll be trying to lose later.  Right now my post pregnancy diet is pretty much nonexistent.  After all, I can rationalize away chocolate chip cookies because breast feeding burns so many calories, and it’s not like I’m eating regular meals with the exception of dinner these days, as I snack at the whim of the small one’s nap schedule (which means a huge lunch is a ham sandwich at this point).

But the biggest reason I’m putting this off?  Due to my c-section, I can’t go back to yoga until 10-12 weeks post-op.  Sure, I can start exercising at 6 weeks (and I can already do basic stuff like walk to dog now, much to my husband’s elation), but the doc said I should avoid ab-intensive exercises until everything in my midsection is completely healed.  So my one maternity leave fantasy about going to bikram yoga every day after my husband came home and could be handed the small one has been completely abandoned, and with it my drive to get my old body back.  At least until February 1.

Of course, we’ll see how my tune changes on Monday…


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