Co-sleep was no-sleep

For the duration of week two, I slept in the spare double bed that was the guest bed in what is now the nursery, a mere five feet away from the small one’s crib.  The idea was that being in the same room as the little guy would make middle of the night changing and feeding easier than heading down the hallway from the master bedroom.  It was the plan before the small one even arrived, and it seemed like it would work after having spent week one with the small one in a bassinet next to our bed.

What I failed to realize is that the phrase “slept like a baby” is total bullshit.  Unless of course you mean babbled in your sleep, awoke every ten minutes the full forty minutes before really waking up, and had a breathing pattern that went everywhere from basically silent to pig-like grunt.

Sleeping in the same room as an infant was like having a college roommate who snored when drunk… and was currently rushing a fraternity.  Needless to say, I awoke to almost every sound, would think to myself “wait, didn’t I just feed him?” realize it wasn’t time yet and that he was still in the long process of waking up, drift back to sleep, and repeat all over again five to ten minutes later.  This cut down my 2 hour window of sleep to 1:15 of actual sleep (assuming the small one actually went down with ease) and 45 minutes of broken, tortured sleep the likes of which I usually get when I know I have to wake up for a super early morning flight and am convinced that my alarm won’t go off and I’ll miss my plane.  It was not a restful situation.

One night, my husband offered to spend the night in the nursery with me, as we hadn’t shared a bed in over a week and we missed each other (corny, I know).  By the 1 AM feeding, he asked me how I possibly got any rest at all sharing a room with the baby and suggested we head back to our room for the next shift.  With the baby monitor on so we were sure we wouldn’t sleep through a feeding, I managed to get in a solid two hours of perfectly uninterrupted sleep.

I have slept in the master bedroom ever since.  Sorry Dr. Sears, no co-sleeping for me… momma needs her rest.


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