Yesterday was a good day

Here’s what constitutes a good day from my perspective:

  • I get a nap
  • I manage to eat both breakfast and lunch
  • I get to shower before 4 PM
  • No uncontrollable weeping

And here’s how I judge if the small one’s had a good day:

  • Feeds 15 minutes on boob No. 1 and 10 minutes on boob No. 2
  • Poop that’s super yellow (green means he’s not getting enough hind milk)
  • Good, loud burps after each feeding, and ideally also mid feeding when switching from one boob to the next
  • No major spit up or peeing on oneself as to cause an outfit change
  • Awake time involves his being wide-eyed and alert, but not wailing, and lasts about a half hour to 45 minutes after a feeding
  • He goes down easily after being awake
  • He goes 3 hours (give or take a half hour on either side) from the start of one feeding to the next

And I consider it a bonus if we get a good half hour of happily staring at each other time, where he’s not fussy and I’m not too tired to appreciate it.

Yesterday was a good day.  So far today is looking like more of the same.  Yippee!


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