Meet the hormones

So I don’t know if what I’ve got going on would be classified as “baby blues” as I don’t feel the least bit blue.

I just cry.  A lot.  For no reason.

I know.  That sounds dramatic, and like someone who is totally on a one way trip to crazytown, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one.  For example, last week I cried while listening to an Iron and Wine song while breastfeeding.  Then I cried while explaining to my husband the non-reason I was crying.  Then I think I cried because he was so understanding.  You get the idea.

Last night I cried when my parents and brother headed home (somewhat reasonable, but not something I’ve ever done before).   It was such a pathetic sob my little brother gave me an enormous hug to comfort me, and I half think he was scared about my mental stability.  I was such a mess I went and napped with the small one instead of returning to the other family guests we had visiting.  Later that night I cried when talking about how it was time to go to bed (I still get a bit anxious about the bedtime “routine”) so my very dear husband stayed with me in the baby’s room for moral support.  I cried when I thanked him for doing so.

Have I mentioned that I’m not someone who really cries in normal life – as in funerals and weddings only?

And yet.  I still think this is just pure hormones and not even baby blues (let alone post partum depression).  How is that possible, you ask?  Because I don’t feel sad at all.  I’ve looked at the checklists in the books and besides the waterworks, I am a-okay fine.  And the small one has developed baby acne, which is supposed to be related to all my raging hormones which he gets via breastmilk (poor little guy went from having the most beautiful skin to looking a bit like a thirteen year old), so that would be my proof of infection so to speak.

That being said, I still can’t wait until this passes.  I don’t know what will set me off these days, and my poor child wants his complexion back.


3 Responses to “Meet the hormones”

  1. jennifer Says:

    it passes so quick. thanks for the hilarious post on crying, good thing i dont have a newborn or i would be crying.

  2. zoe krylova Says:

    i remember those tears from when my daughter was a newborn. i was so happy, all i could do was cry.

  3. Floozy Says:

    Hi Lys… Congratulations!!!! That is great news.
    My kids all had the most vile baby acne and I personally think it is nature’s way of keeping people away from them so they are protected from random strangers oogling them too closely, pinching their poor little chubby cheeks and sneezing snot all over them….
    Take care and come over to Cvillain and post deets.

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