Cake for Breakfast

So far I’ve only left the house three times since the small one’s arrival… to vote, to get my nails done (not for vanity but so I don’t nick the small one), and to go to the local eco shop and order crib mattress pads – all of which were within 1 mile of my home.  All that is to say I am completely out of groceries.

Granted, we have a raw milk share and a winter vegetable farm share, so it’s not like we’ve got nothing in the house.  Not to mention the fact that the husband got in a half cow (yup, you read that correctly) for the restaurant last week so we’re up to our eyeballs in beef.  And I make my own bread.  So yeah, we aren’t starving.  But I haven’t managed to find a garbage bag share or a laundry detergent co-op or any Virginia-grown oranges for juicing, so a trip to Whole Foods is very necessary and may be my treat this afternoon after the husband gets home and the child can be handed off, as I am officially allowed to drive again as of today.

But in the meanwhile, it’s leftover cake for breakfast.  Cheesecake in fact, which a la Bill Cosby’s reasoning, totally counts as breakfast (cream cheese, eggs, milk).  Hey – it was that or sauerkraut, and I hear cabbage could give the small one gas (or more gas, I should say).


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