I don’t know what’s gotten bigger…

… my boy or my boobs.

We had our first pediatrician appointment today and the small one has already gained 1lb 5 oz in a mere 11 days.  That is insane.  We went in hoping he’d be back up to his birth weight, and the doc started talking about how she likes to see a gain of about an ounce a day at this stage before looking at the numbers the nurse recorded on the chart and commenting that we had nothing to worry about in the nourishment department.

As for the boobs, well, when they say to go up a cup size from your pregnancy boobs when shopping for nursing bras and you think “no way – these things CANNOT possibly get any bigger,” you should really size up.  I am convinced the girls think I’ve just had triplets – which is great for the small one, but man oh man engorgement is just as unpleasant as it sounds, but maybe even a little bit worse.  I’m talking feels like your breasts are soda cans you just shook vigorously and your nipples are the pop top trying desperately to hold back the geyser.

This becomes comical when you factor in leakage… the poor child will go to nurse and his face will be covered with milk before he’s even managed to find his target – the expression he gets is what I imagine one would look like if enrolled in a pie eating contest where at the point when the ref said “read – set…” someone sprayed whipped cream in your mouth.  As in “wait, what? already?.”

Luckily the supply clerks that are my milk ducts are beginning to get a better handle on the job and today I only look (and feel) enormous instead of cartoon-like.

My thirteen year old self would be stupefied to hear me complaining about having huge boobs.


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