The Small One has Arrived

… which you probably guessed from my prolonged absence.  And I’m going to keep this short, as I’m still working on writing up the whole birth story/first week experience in between feedings and diapers and trying to remember to feed and bath myself, but I will leave you with this:

In all my planning and fretting (and bitching and moaning), I completely failed to anticipate one really big thing – just how completely smitten I’d be by the little guy.  And that very pleasant surprise has made all the difference.

-one deliriously happy but still overwhelmed mammabear

And now the pregnancy blog becomes a mommyblog… stay tuned.


3 Responses to “The Small One has Arrived”

  1. kirbybunny Says:

    Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blog and hope things are going well. Keep posting!

    ~ Jen

  2. Saraj Says:

    I was going to comment and say “I guess this is how a pregnancy blog ends? With the woman vanishing when she gives birth?”

    I’m glad you’ll keep writing. And I’ve heard the totally smitten thing from every new parent I’ve seen.

    Congratulations 🙂

  3. zoe krylova Says:

    congratulations! enjoy all the very many precious moments.

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