3 days and counting…

Acquaintances who run into me around town are surprised to see me still pregnant and make comments like “shouldn’t you have had that baby by now?”

If I haven’t had this kid by Monday morning (my due date), I may just start my maternity leave anyway.

In my “I’m never going into labor ever” paranoia, I started doubting my due date so I searched the internet for due date calculators, which reminded me about my musical due dates post.  Because according to the calculators, I was due October 22nd if you go by date of conception, and October 24th (today) if you go by first day of last menstrual cycle.  It was only after the ultrasound that the doctor moved us back to the 27th.  So in some sense, I may already be late.  Which is somewhat comforting in the sense that this kid HAS to come out sometime soon, especially if he’s ALREADY late!  (Just think how disappointing it would be to find out my due date was potentially a week from now.)


3 Responses to “3 days and counting…”

  1. Maria-Elena Says:

    For first time mothers, the average gestation period is 41 weeks, rather than the 40, for women who’ve already had children. Hang in there! That baby will come when he is ready – better that then being forced out through induction.

  2. Momisodes Says:

    Ugh, I SO remember those last few weeks of anticipation being a bit torturous. I did everything short of jumping jacks to induce labor. Hang in there! Wishing you a quick, smooth labor.

  3. jennifer Says:

    definitely start maternity leave on Monday!

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