4 days and counting…

I have a new rule… if it costs under $10 and I want it, I get to have it.

This is how I’m coping with still being pregnant.  For example, this morning I took myself out to breakfast.  Now I’m craving a piece of cheesecake and I don’t think I’ll deny myself.  And yes, I do realize all my treats have involved food thus far, but I would totally allow this rule for things like magazines (normally I would want clothing, but that’s obviously not something I’m shopping for these days, nor does it usually pass the under $10 requirement). 

Otherwise, I’m still feeling fine.  Still showing up to work (albeit very very late).  Still walking to work.  Still just waiting for ANYTHING to happen. 

Last night when the husband began whining about how I’m never going to have this baby I told him that maybe I really did just get fat – so fat that my stomach now has it’s own heartbeat, and that the ultrasounds and pelvic exams are just a scam my OB is pulling to bring in more revenue.  He’s so desperate with anticipation he shot me a look that screamed “I know you are kidding, but I swear to god I wouldn’t put it past you, woman.”  Oy.


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