5 days and counting

Today’s revelations

Just because I need to get something off my plate NOW in case I don’t show up tomorrow doesn’t mean anyone else is going to exhibit the same sense of urgency.  And that’s why I document everything (ah the CYA-style that is corporate life).

The motivation to do basic things like eat, get water or use the restroom is now countered by my even stronger desire to just stay seated.  I never thought of the 20 steps it takes me to get to the bathroom as an impediment before.  Or that being a mere quarter mile walkfrom 20+ food options might still be so daunting as to have me avoiding going for lunch until 3 PM just to avoid getting up.  At this rate I could die of dehydration simply because I had to take a flight of stairs to get to a water fountain.  Sad.

I’ve started thinking of days in terms of when I’d get home from the hospital if I went into labor right now.  For example, if I went into labor right now (mid-day Wednesday), I probably wouldn’t have the small one until Thursday AM, so I’d be home from the hospital Saturday morning.


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