6 days and counting…

Not that I have any guarantee that I’ll deliver on or by my due date, but it’s too hard to have a count down without an actual deadline, so just play along…

Today’s observations:

Coworkers look at me with pity when I show up at the office these days.

I had one substantial contraction mid-meeting this afternoon – very mildly painful but clear stomach tightening – and my reaction was to smile.  Pregnancy has made me a masochist.

I’m glad I came to work today, as it’s been a nice distraction (and I’ve actually been productive considering I didn’t show up until 10:30), but at some point I’m going to run out of things to do.

The thought of being on leave and literally sitting in the house waiting to go into labor sounds like torture.

I no longer fear my water breaking in public – I just want it to break.


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