Outside Influences

Despite to rumors, the New York Times claims there is no proven link between women going into labor and there being a full moon.  Which is unfortunate, being tonight is a full moon. 

I’ve also been told (by my OB, no less), that women are more likely to go into labor when there is a low pressure system.  That being said, while there is a chance of rain tomorrow evening, the weather outlook is tragically beautiful for the next five days.

So I guess that means I’m stuck waiting on the small one to release the requisite hormones to get this show on the road.  Which sucks, as we all know better than to rely on a boy to get something done.


One Response to “Outside Influences”

  1. zoe krylova Says:

    i am a doula and the last two births i attended both happened on the full moon!

    i know you probably have heard this already, but it is not unusual for a first time mom to be over due, at least a week if not two.

    now is a great time to go to restaurants and see movies because it won’t be so easy once the small one is here. of course, it’s not so easy w/ the economy such as it is.

    wishing you a wonderful, easy and soon-to-be birth!

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