The To Do List – Revisited

So based on last week’s doctor’s appointment, the husband and I felt like a fire had just been lit under our collective asses as we realized this baby could come at any minute.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, besides packing the hospital bag and installing the car seat, there is nothing left on the pre-baby to do list.

Yup – we were rockstars of efficiency this weekend.  The husband’s car got cleaned, every item of baby what-not got laundered and put away, the nursery was set up, pictures were re-hung, the miscellaneous crap remaining to be bought was purchased and organized, the bassinet and car sear arrived, etc. etc. all while still managing to squeeze in some be-social-while-we-still-can time with friends on Saturday and Sunday enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

So it makes complete sense that we made no progress towards labor based on this week’s doctor’s appointment.  We were too ready.  Now maybe if I keep delaying writing thank you cards I’ll actually be dilated next week…


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