Feeling Particularly Pregnant

Okay, so now that it’s officially month 9 it should come as no surprise that I feel pregnant.  Really pregnant.  I am in full waddle, and I move at a snail’s pace.  I’m super sleepy but I have a feeling that if I tried to take a nap, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep (but oh how nice it would be to just close my eyes for a half hour).  I can still walk to work, but if I’m just plain standing more than 2 minutes I am overcome with the need to sit down (as in on the floor if need be).  Everything feels slow, as if I were moving though jello.  Getting up or leaning over is a chore, to the point where I found myself asking my husband to hand me my glass of water from the coffee table last night as the though of merely leaning forward while seated on the couch seemed daunting.  Strangers and friends alike who watch me lumber by comment “it must be soon now” while only a week ago they were telling my perkier self that I look great for being as far along as I am.  The pregnancy has finally caught up with me. 

The funny thing is, it really isn’t bad.  It doesn’t hurt, I’m not uncomfortable (okay, well not any more uncomfortable than usual), I’m just operating at half speed (if even).  But I’m pretty confident that I can survive this, assuming I do get some sleep tonight – if the pregnancy gods take that away from me things will get ugly.


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