Pottery Barn Kids, redeemed

After I got home from the doctor’s office and my husband and I jointly inspected our broken crib (he confirmed that it was indeed unfit for use, and this is the man who doesn’t understand why we need a Pack N Play and why we can’t just let the small one lay on the couch when we go somewhere), I decided to give Pottery Barn Kids a call back.

I requested a manager in the Furniture department and that’s exactly where they sent me – no forcing me to speak with an associate first to vet me, but directly to a supervisor, which I greatly appreciate. 

I explained the situation from earlier (and made it a point to emphasize that the phone rep was very understanding), and how I didn’t understand why the new crib couldn’t be FedEx’d or expedited in some way (I think the phrase I used was “so you’re telling me that there is only one truck heading from California to the East Coast in the next 30 days?”).  The supervisor held firm their inability to ship the replacement crib any faster, but offered me a free bassinet so that I would have something for the small one to sleep in the first few weeks (retail value $350).  She assured me the bassinet would be shipped this week (as they could FedEx that – it should arrive on Friday) and let me pick out the color I wanted.  So I accepted.

The upside is that a bassinet is actually a more ideal sleeping situation than the crib would be for the first few weeks anyway – especially if I by chance need a C-section.  I can place it right next to the bed in the baby’s room or the bed in the master bedroom if my parents need to stay with us in the baby’s room, and I simply need to lean over to collect the small one for middle of the night feedings instead of getting out of bed (even if the crib was only a mere 4 feet away).  Also, the bassinet is quite handsome and we could use it instead of the Pack N Play as the downstairs crib once the replacement crib has arrived.  Not bad.

The downside is that the baby’s room will be quite cramped with the broken crib, bassinet and full sized bed all in one small room.  Also, in all my eco-insanity, the bassinet is not organic, uses conventional cotton sheets, has a poly fill to the sides and (gasp) a PVC-based mattress pad.  I hunted the internet to see if I could find any less chemical alternatives, but the Pottery Barn Kids bassinet does not appear to be a standard size and part of me refuses to spend money on something I never intended to purchase in the first place (as I would be all set with my organic sheets and natural mattress if the crib weren’t busted). 

So while I still wouldn’t describe this mishap as a boon of any sorts, the grudge against Pottery Barn is officially dropped.  If anything, I find it hilarious that it is more cost effective for them to ship me a free bassinet than expedite a replacement crib, but I guess that just says a lot about retail mark up.


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