Bite it

Sure, it could be the complete lack of grace and/or balance I inherited from my mother, or the fact that I was wearing clogs, but I’m going to blame being pregnant on this morning’s epic trip.

This was one for the records, folks.  It started on the sidewalk but by the time the stumbling and flalling was over I was laying in the road in the left lane of traffic on a two lane thoroughfare.  Luckily, there were no cars in sight, both for the sake of my not having been run over and my ego. , so I waddled to the median to catch my breath and regroup before attempting to cross the remaining two lanes.  Oy.

And now, here I sit with bruised palms and bloody knees, amused at how instinctively I would have lead with anything other than my midsection – in fact, I recall the point mid-tumble when I contemplated using my face to slow my momentum but opted to go with my hands instead. 

When I told my husband, his response was “are you okay?  how’s the boy?” to which I responded “I didn’t have the dog with me – oh, you mean the baby… we’re both fine.”


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