To Do List

There’s nothing like the last minute (or in my case, the last month) to get everything done. Nobody said having a baby would be easy, but this is starting to rival planning my wedding.  My goal is to get everything done by October 1 so I have plenty of time to drive myself crazy (as there’s no way this baby is coming early if I actually pull my shit together and get all of this done in a timely fashion).

Finish amassing baby stuff
I feel like I deserve an honorary degree in logistics after this great sourcing debacle, but that’s what I get for being particular…

  • Crib should show up late next week or at the very latest, before the end of the month.
  • No word yet on the crib mattress, as I bought it (read: got my little brother to buy it) from this hippie company that uses all organic cotton and apparently their latest shipment of cotton wasn’t up to par, so it hasn’t actually been made yet (although they are throwing in a free shirt as a thank you for being patient).
  • Mattress covers and puddle pads (from the same hippie company) just shipped, as did the wool diaper covers (from Canada, no less).
  • The last of the Pottery Barn Kids stuff (the changing table pads) should arrive this week, as most of it (the baskets and changing table pad covers) arrived last night.
  • Stroller arrived yesterday

Which means this weekend I get to pick up the following:

  • Car seat
  • Ergo baby carrier with infant insert
  • Breast pump (the local natural baby store has Medela pumps on sale)
  • Towels and wash clothes
  • Long and short sleeved 0-3 month tee shirts and some other clothing
  • Medical necessaries like baby Tylenol
  • Glass bottles
  • Pacifiers (I know, this can be controversial, but I’d rather have a few on hand than find myself with an inconsolable child at 4 in the morning with no option to give the little enablers a try)
  • Lanolin to clean the wool diaper covers
  • Nursing bras and camis

Not a bad list thanks to the generosity of friends and family at our showers. My American Express card will get quite a workout this weekend, despite having been tucked away safely in my wallet for the past year.

Post Shop-a-thon, set up the house
This includes the following hilarity – yes, I am a touch OCD:

  • Have my folks come down to deliver the remainder of the baby stuff from NJ and get my dad to make the few minor installations for the crib and changing table (i.e. bolting it to the wall so it doesn’t topple over – this thing is enormous)
  • Get the couch professionally cleaned – turns out it’s only about $125, and not the $300+ I was dreading. Considering I just dropped over $400 taking the dog to the vet, this feels like a steal.
  • Clean all the baby stuff – clothing, blankets, sheets, towels, you name it. I’m already armed with the baby-friendly natural laundry detergent. Did I mention I haven’t actually gotten around to regular laundry in the past two weeks? Oy.
  • Put all the baby stuff away in an organized fashion – did I mention that I have 8 baskets worth of space in which to get completely type A?  Awesome.

Oh yeah, and then there’s everything else:

  • Get the cars cleaned and install the car set bases (and have them inspected by the Fire Department)
  • Set up the cloth diaper service
  • Meet with the Pediatrician (scheduled for next week)
  • Go to Breastfeeding class (next week)
  • Write thank you cards from showers and buy more for post delivery help/gifts/food
  • Finalize work details about going on leave for three months (like setting up COBRA coverage, etc.)
  • Pack the bag for the hospital
  • Go into labor, give birth, manage to hide my insanity such that the nurses actually let me take the small one home and survive the car ride from the hospital to the house without incident

This could get ugly, not to mention expensive.


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