Better than yesterday…

… but still not something I am possibly going to be able to maintain.

For example, merely walking to get lunch resulted in my sitting in the back of the restaurant “recovering” for 20 minutes, and by the time I made it back to the office, I ended up sitting on the floor and resting my head on the seat of my desk chair.  Not exactly professional.  Especially when I sit at a cube in a room with 10 other desks/co-workers.

Also, I couldn’t be less interesting in eating or drinking, despite having been told that the more water I drink, the more these Braxton Hicks monsters should let up.  And why am I being so disobedient and acting so clearly against my own self interest?  Because everytime I swallow a bite or sip of anything, on comes the cramping and the nausea.  This blows.

That being said, I would no longer describe the sensation as a shooting pain, which is a distinct improvement.  Now it’s more like a general discomfort accented with strong and ache-y pain.  Subtle difference, yes, but at least I’m not crying today a la yesterday.  What I really need is an office with a couch, so I could lay down for an hour.  But that’s so not going to happen.

Would it be pathetic of me to buy a cane?  Or a walker?  Or maybe one of those old people scooters a la George Castanza?


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