Basics in Babycare Class

So as I believe I’ve mentioned here before, our experience at baby class so far has been lack luster verging on completely hysterical… like the class where the instructor put on a birth video and left the room, leaving 12 first time expecting couples watching a women in distress whose labor was nothing short of terrible (and who endured said labor entirely in the nude).  When she walked back in the room and realized she’d selected the wrong video, she lunged for the stop button on the VCR in a fashion reserved for a tight end leaping toward an end zone pass.  Needless to say, we were all completely horrified and have largely remained so.  But that was until last night…

Maybe it was the new instructor (ok, so that was probably a lot of it), or maybe it was that we finally stopped talking about labor and got to learn about babies, that singular reason any of us are in this mess called pregnancy.  We started off with a slideshow of newborns so the nurse could point out common skin conditions that don’t warrant freaking out and running directly to your pediatrician and the babies were just so cute.  And my dear reader, you know I don’t just throw around the c-word.  People who’d spent the previous five weeks cringing smiled and cooed at the images and leaned forward in our chairs like kids at the zoo watching the penguins get fed.  We were riveted.

Then the finale – we got to see a real baby.  Now I know what you’re thinking… uh, what, you’ve never seen a baby before?  What you have to understand is here’s a room full of couples who’ve spent the last 5 Thursdays learning about just how sucky labor is going to be and just how little you can really do to control or prevent any of it, and now it was like getting a look at the mountain vista for the first time during a long and often miserabletrek… the end is finally in sight and from this vantage point, it looks like it’s going to be worth it.   

The nurse showed us how to give the baby a sponge bathand change a diaper, which was incredibly helpful, but the most valuable part was to watch just how comfortably and easily she manipulated this child… picking him up in one solid motion, holding him confidently on one arm like a football to soothhis crying – it was nothing short of amazing, and we all looked on with awe hoping we would someday have 1/10th her baby mojo.  She made caring for a child not only look possible, but almost kinda fun and playful. 

And the little boy was fantastic – he cried, but not a cry that ripped apart your heart the way we all feared a wailing infant would (a cry that would leave us all simultaneouslyheart broken and completely helpless) – no it was clearly and identifiably a “I don’t like getting a bath” cry and was more than tolerable to endure.  And not only did he cry, but he settled back to being content, ranging from looking sleepy to fully alert and attempting to suck on anything, a finger, a shirt sleeve, that crossed his face.  He was platonically baby and I was glad to have witnessed it.  I would venture to say that we all left class for the first time feeling a little better about what’s to come.

So now I have total baby fever.  I wouldn’t be so bold as to say I’m ready, but I want to get this show on the road.


One Response to “Basics in Babycare Class”

  1. Saraj Says:

    The video story made me laugh out loud! I’ve never had baby fever… but maybe it’s like kitten fever?

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