Week 33

Baby: Your baby measures about 19.4 inches from head to toe and weighs about 4.4 pounds. The next few weeks will mark lots of growth in the baby. The fetus will gain more than half its birth weight in the next seven weeks. Baby begins to move less now as it runs out of room and curls up with knees bent, chin resting on chest and arms and legs crossed.

Mom-to-be: The uterus is about 5.2 inches above your navel, and you’ve gained between 22 and 28 pounds. Of the pound a week you’re gaining now, roughly half is going to your baby.

Thanks, WebMD.

The small one is still kicking, so I guess it isn’t that tight a squeeze yet.  As for me, I’m tired.  My sleep is now weird – I’m still able to fall asleep but it’s restless and the freaky dreams haven’t let up (although last night I was dreaming about Excel and having to create some ridicules formula for work, so at least my anxiety is not entirely baby-centric). 

Speaking of work, I’m beginning the great process of preparing for maternity leave.  Even though it is still a month and a half away, I’ve been documenting every imaginable thing I do so that the ball doesn’t remain dropped for three long months that happen to coincide with budget season.  Last night, while plugging away at 9 PM it occurred to me that I’ll no longer have the luxury of staying late  at the office to get shit done – I’ll actually need to learn to manage my time and be productive during regular business hours (i.e. not blogging while on conference calls).  Adjusting to life as a working mom is going to be so odd.  The whole earth mother meets corporate go-getter contradiction will be an interesting one to live, changing cloth diapers while in a suit, that sort of thing.  I should take bets on which of the two personalities will arise victorious.


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