Growing Excited

Now I know this is weird, but I am finally becoming excited about this whole baby thing.

I know, it’s about damn time.

And what do I mean by excited? Well, other than no longer cringing upon the sight of a child under the age of 5, I find myself staring at them. And not just staring but genuinely fascinated by them. Beyond the pleasant change to no longer being terrified of the sub 3 foot crowd, it’s helping my pathetic confidence about this whole motherhood thing. I find myself thinking about how much I want to meet the small one. How curious I am to see what he’s like. Just a general feeling of being ready to get the show on the road. Like an extremely heightened version of the confidence you feel when you first realize you have in fact memorized all your lines. But almost more impulsive than that, as I don’t actually know my lines and I don’t feel prepared… I just feel ready, whatever that means.

Only seven or so weeks to go. That sounds like plenty of time for me to change my mind and take back everything I just said.


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