Week 32

Baby: Your baby measures about 18.9 inches long from head to toe and weighs almost 4 pounds. It fills almost all the space in your uterus now, either lying with the head up or sometimes still with enough room to do somersaults. A layer of fat is forming underneath the thin, wrinkly skin. Baby’s practicing opening his eyes and breathing.

Mom-to-be: Although you’ve only been seeing the doctor monthly, now you’ll probably start seeing your practitioner every two weeks until the last month, when you’ll probably switch to weekly visits. You may continue to get backaches and leg cramps. You may also notice colostrum leaking from your breasts, a yellowish fluid that precedes milk production.

that’s WebMD’s opinion… and mine?

The small one’s kicking is less frequent but the movements are larger, often startlingly so.  The belly is distinctly lopsided/baby-shaped vs. evenly round.  As for me, the leg cramps have returned over the last few weeks (with one greeting me last night).  The key to getting rid of them is to flex and unflex your foot like mad until the knot lets up, but often the knot is debilitating enough that I can’t actually flex my foot towards me, so I use my other foot to pull my toes back – I’m getting shockingly good as this late night maneuver.  Luckily, no boob-leakage is happening yet. 

Otherwise, ever single night for the past week I’ve had dreams about either getting ready for the small one, giving birth to the small one, or being at home with the small one.  Part of me is still convinced that I’m going to go into labor early (despite my being over a week late, much to my mother’s dismay).  This is just absurd. 

I also spent my Saturday browsing the local hippie baby shops to start figuring out what I can source in town and what I’ll be purchasing via the internet… and while I’m all about supporting local when it comes to food, it’s more difficult justifying paying 25% more for the exact same product when I could otherwise just have it sent directly to my house after purchasing it while aimlessly googling during a conference call at work.  Does that make me an asshole?


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