My better half is struggling

So while my biggest concerns fall along the lines of deciding whether or not I am insane for wanting to purchase an $80 wool “puddle pad” to go with the uber organic crib mattress I just conned my little brother in to buying me, my dear husband is a complete ball of nerves.

His two restaurants have just hit their busy season after the financial drought that is the summer, but he is woefully understaffed and more than one applicant has come in literally stinking of gin.  He agreed to cater a wedding this weekend for next to no money, so despite having worked ridicules hours this week and being completely exhausted, he gets no weekend either (and besides accounting, few things stress him more than big, off-premise caterings).  His father is having a tough time going through chemo this round and was admitted to the hospital last night so they can see if he has an infection or something causing the fevers.  And he’s married to me.  And I do things like drag him to baby class, which he hates.

Poor guy.

At this rate, if his existence continues to grow more stressful as I grow more pregnant, he must have some sort of amputation in his near future.


One Response to “My better half is struggling”

  1. numnums Says:

    Haven’t read later posts than this one, so maybe you did buy organic for the crib. $80 may seem like a lot for a puddle pad, but they’re great. Spot cleanable with vinegar. And going organic whenever possible for the baby is a great way to kick off a healthy life. I know, I know, I sound like a commercial. Really, just a concerned Mom who landed here off cvilleblogs. I ordered much of my stuff from Organic Grace but you can also find stuff locally at the BR Eco Shop (opened after our baby was born). The Organic Grace link tells you all sorts of info about being non-toxic around baby; it’s not just a shopping link….best wishes.

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