Let the Nesting Begin

They’re here!  The deliver guys from Pottery Barn Kids are here and it’s within the time window I was told (between 10-1 and they arrived at 12:30, not bad at all)!  And the best part… the “changing table system” came in six pieces that they are assembling for me and not flat boxes a la Ikea whereby all safety rating assurances might as well be thrown out the window if my husband is in charge of putting everything together.  I am a happy lady right now.


Yeah, it’s pretty much perfect.  I have a barely resistable urge to run out to the local earth mother hippie store and buy a crap ton of baby what not to fill the entire thing.  And now I want the crib to show up, like, tomorrow, and not two or three weeks from now.  I almost started moving furniture around (this coming from the gal who won’t even carry a laundry basket upstairs anymore).  I know it’s shallow, but there’s something exciting about getting stuff – I think I felt the same way when my wedding dress showed up (well, that and relieved as I bought it from eBay and it could have been a really expensive disaster). 

One more week and the great deluge of stuff begins.  And then once I have the stuff, I can put it away (for the OCD folks out there like me, this is almost better than getting the stuff… mmm, organizing…)


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