I used to be so crunchy

… I not only sourced local, grass-fed raw milk, but I made my own yogart out of it.  Today, I’m drinking one of those individually packaged Stonyfield Smoothies, which while organic is full of sugar and about as processed as something purchased at Wholefoods can be.

We used to hand-juice our own orange juice.  Today, my breakfast drink of choice was a juice pouch from Honest Tea that was meant for a seven year old’s lunch box.  What can I say, it had a full day’s serving of vitamin C and less sugar than the orange-flavored Peligrino I’ve been consuming. 

Instead of pouring myself a bowl of the local, Mennonite-made granola I get weekly as part of my local buying club (think CSA), I opted for a cereal bar from Cascadian Farms.

So while we’ve switched to glass containers instead of tupperware, my new found dependency on pre-packaged (in plastic, no less), processed food as the easiest means to get enough calories to avoid passing out on my walk to work is definitely keeping me in the negative in terms of my environmental impact these days.  Not to mention the endless struggle to eat healthy when all I want is a milkshake. 

(On the upside, I did manage to bake both bread and quiche this weekend, so I’m not a complete failure.)


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